1.  Is this a pen?  .

  2. Sandy  classical music.

  3.  any money in my wallet.

  4. An elephant is  a frog.

  5. Mary  a pizza yesterday.

  6. He  very well.

  7. Look at the weather.  .

  8. When  that movie?

  9. There are many people who  every day.

  10. The woman  was very nice.

  11. In America, you  pay taxes.

  12. If you , you can see the movie.

  13. When , I will move to Italy.

  14. If , I could help you with this test.

  15. Jack said  do his homework tonight.

  16. Can you go to the supermarket  some milk?

  17. She  sing a song for her.

  18. I haven't been to the gym .

  19. I'll give you the money as soon as .

  20.  the guitar?

  21. Karen  dinner cooked and ready by eight o'clock.

  22. What a wonderful party! You  there. 

  23. When the ministers , they will make a decision about the economy.

  24. By the time Joanna arrived at the cinema, the film .

  25. That was a very boring class.  I wish .

  26. Did you remember ?

  27. You  go on a diet.  You have gained too much weight.

  28. Why are you so angry? ?

  29. , I would never have understood this lesson.

  30. Never  such delicious food.